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Clinical Services

The future of clinical engagement

The future of clinical engagement

What We Do

We follow our patients where they go


Rehab Facility


We deliver in home care to residents living in a senior setting through a combination of proprietary leading-edge care management technology and clinical services

We deliver care through:

  • In person geriatric primary care practitioners
  • Specialists as needed both in person and via telemedicine (e.g. Psychiatric, Social Worker/Counseling, Chronic Condition Management, Medication Review)
  • Other clinical care such as Remote Patient Monitoring

We are sensitive to existing referral patterns

All care is at the option of the resident

We deliver an improved clinical experience for residents through at home care, tailored for elderly individuals

We deliver for the facility a differentiated service, better communication with providers, improved census stability and slower disease progression

Benefits of Our Model

  • Lower Costs
  • Higher Quality of Care
  • Superior Outcomes

  • Improved Patient Experience
  • ¬†Improved Clinical Experience
  • Patients Treated at Home
  • Continuity of Care Gives Patients More Familiarity with Providers

  • Personalized Comprehensive Care Plans Tailored to the Patient
  • Proactive Approach to Medicine Catches Health Episodes Earlier
  • Continuity of Care Through Episodes Reduces Disruptions and Errors in Medical Management
  • Unique Technology assists in managing care